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Motorcycle Insurance

If you drive a motorcycle on the road, the law requires you to carry minimum mandatory liability insurance coverage. Because of your exposure and vulnerability to severe injuries, you’ll probably want significantly more motorcycle insurance than just minimum coverage. Here’s what you’ll probably want to cover.


Any state is going to require you to carry liability insurance. This covers property damage or injury to others that you cause in an accident. A few states that have no-fault insurance statutes will also require you to carry personal injury protection coverage on top of your liability coverage.


This covers you for any damage you might do to your bike in an accident with somebody else that’s your fault. It pays for repairs or the actual cash value of your bike if it’s destroyed.


This insures you for occurrences other than a collision. Comprehensive coverage includes theft, fire or flood or even a single vehicle accident.

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage

Although not required in most states, this is extremely important coverage. It pays for accidents that are the fault of a driver that doesn’t have enough insurance or no insurance whatsoever up to the limits of your coverage. This coverage might even pay if you’re hit as a pedestrian, on a bicycle or involved in a hit-and-run.

Passenger coverage

If your liability coverage excludes passengers, coverage for them is most likely available. Check your liability coverage, and if it doesn’t cover passengers, you’ll want this additional coverage.

Custom parts and accessories

Most policies don’t cover custom upgrades or modifications. If you’ve made these, you’ll probably want to cover them. You can add these onto your coverage.

Roadside assistance

This might cover towing, battery jumps and even lodging and food if you break down more than 100 miles from home.

Particularly with motorcycle insurance, don’t try to squeak by with minimum coverage. The risks for severe injury are too high. Maintain plenty of insurance all the way around you.