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Event Insurance

What is Event Insurance?

This insurance cover is also called special event insurance. Event insurance is a policy which protects the policyholder from any unprecedented problems that may arise in an event. Some of the events covered include weddings, conferences, receptions, exhibitions and many other festivals. This policy provides cover to the holder against occurrences such as property damage and bodily damage. This insurance can also help the policyholder recover funds in case he/she decides to cancel the event. The covered occurrences are normally agreed on between the insurance service provider and the policyholder.

Who requires Event Insurance?

This cover is for individuals who plan to stage events such as weddings, anniversary parties, and weddings. It is meant to cover the holder against any uncertainties and unexpected situations that may arise during or before the event.

How Event Insurance Works

In this cover, the policyholder is reimbursed by the policy provider when he/ she encounters certain situations as outlined in the policy’s terms and conditions. For instance, a person may trip while in a party and get injured or die. The person can choose to sue the event organizer for predisposing him/her to the injury. This insurance provider will cover for the treatment of the injured company and give compensation in case of a permanent injury. Also, an event organizer may decide to change the venue or date of an event. The insurance provider will then pay the institution where the event was scheduled to be held.


This insurance policy has different types of covers. They include the following:

1. General Liability Insurance
This covers the policyholder against property or bodily damage. However, this policy is different from life insurance. Only damages are covered. Most venues demand that anyone holding an event on their premises should have this cover.

2. Cancellation Insurance
This covers the costs that arise following the cancellation of an event. An event may be canceled due to weather conditions or other circumstances. This cover is meant to recover any deposits paid beforehand.

3. Non-Owned Auto Liability
This covers damages that may occur on a vehicle rented for a particular event.


This type of insurance is vital as it protects the event holder from odd occurrences. Sometimes situations arise during an event that was not budgeted. This policy helps the holder overcome such situations comfortably.