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Community Cause

Raising Up Those in Need

More than 13% of the residents in Iredell County are currently living below the national poverty level. Statewide, more than one in five children in North Carolina live at or below the poverty line. We are truly heartbroken to see so many families in our community struggling with hunger and homelessness, and the Houston Insurance Agency is announcing an ongoing campaign to help alleviate poverty in our area.

Making a Difference for Local Families

As a committed Regional Ambassador for the national #AgentsofChange group, Houston Insurance Agency is leading a local effort to provide critical services to families in our area struggling with financial hardship. We will be assisting in local food bank efforts, promoting home assistance programs for low income families, and working to improve the flow of educational resources to children from at-risk areas so we can help reverse the growing trends of poverty in central North Carolina.

To see this campaign through to completion, we need your help.

The Best Way to Help

The best way you can be a part of this effort is to help us share our campaign details with as many local residents as possible. When you refer in a friend or family member, we won’t just provide them with a free insurance consultation; we will also give them more information on this campaign to help improve outcomes for families and children in our area living with the effects of poverty.

Please Join Us!

By working together, we can make positive changes for countless families in our community, and help eradicate poverty in North Carolina. Please join us!


Kyle Houston

Houston Insurance Agency

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raised $50

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